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17 Jan 2024
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Discover the enriching world of the EUROSPINE Diploma in Interprofessional Spine Care (EDISC), designed to enhance your spine care expertise. Immerse yourself in a fully online course that gives you the flexibility to study from your home or office.
The EDISC course offers 7 online modules covering a range of topics, including issues related to the biomedical versus biopsychosocial model, how best to integrate new evidence into practice, how to collect clinical evidence, and how to overcome barriers to interprofessional care. For those seeking the ultimate achievement, the prestigious EDISC Diploma can be achieved within a maximum of three years of completing all modules.
Each module completed will bring you closer to achieving CME credits recognised by a course certificate.

Why choose EDISC?
Engage with professionals from around the world, not just from textbooks, but through rich peer experiences, fostering a holistic approach to spine care and exposure to real-life case studies Benefit from distinguished faculty leadership and gain valuable insights to enhance your skills.

Develop skills for personalised treatment:
At the heart of EDISC is a commitment to patient-centred care. Explore comprehensive modules that focus on understanding patient needs and enhance your ability to deliver personalised and effective treatments.

Explore comprehensive modules:
Go beyond traditional learning with EDISC's comprehensive modules covering a wide range of topics. Gain insights into interdisciplinary approaches that promote a holistic understanding of spine care.

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Secure your place on the EDISC course now! Act fast as there are only a few places left. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your skills and earn continuing medical education credits.

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