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Observership Grant

Are you a EUROSPINE member looking to enhance your professional journey and broaden your skills?
The EUROSPINE Observership Grants offer you an exceptional opportunity to gain valuable insights and experiences by visiting other EUROSPINE members for 14 days. You will receive a stipend of €1,500 to support your journey.

Enhance your expertise

  • Gain 14 days of real-world insight by observing the practices of other EUROSPINE members.
  • See cutting-edge techniques and best practices in action and enhance your professional knowledge.
  • Make valuable contacts within the EUROSPINE community. Forge collaborations, share knowledge and broaden your perspective on spine care and research.
  • Receive a bursary of €1,500 to assist with travel and accommodation costs. This financial support makes the Observership programme accessible and beneficial.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and adapt to new environments. Cultivate adaptability, open-mindedness and intercultural awareness while enriching your skills.
  • On successful completion of the programme, you will receive an official certificate of attendance. 

EUROSPINE's Observership Journey for Growth and Collaboration

At EUROSPINE, we are committed to promoting professional growth through the Observership Programme.
This initiative aims to provide spine care professionals with real-world insights, advanced techniques and meaningful connections within our community. We prioritise hands-on learning, allowing participants to observe the practices of their peers and access cutting-edge methods to enhance their expertise beyond traditional learning.
Networking is central, encouraging collaboration and broadening perspectives on spine care and research. 
Personal growth is promoted through adaptability in new environments, fostering qualities such as open-mindedness and intercultural awareness. 

In essence, EUROSPINE focuses on a comprehensive observership experience that combines real-world insights, networking, financial support, personal growth and official recognition to empower professionals for career excellence.

Ready to learn from the best? Apply for an Observership Grant

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