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The PREPARE project: Revolutionising Rehabilitation Care with EUROSPINE

05 Jul 2024

The PREPARE project - Personalised Rehabilitation via Novel AI Patient Stratification Strategies -
is a ground-breaking initiative poised to transform rehabilitation care for chronic non-communicable diseases. Led by a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary collaboration, the project is using advanced data and AI techniques to address nine major musculoskeletal conditions, including spinal disorders and scoliosis.

EUROSPINE, with its extensive expertise in spinal disorders and scoliosis, plays a key role in the PREPARE project. As a partner in the consortium, EUROSPINE is dedicated to refining and improving the PREPARE models. With a focus on improving patient outcomes, EUROSPINE aims to provide patients and healthcare providers with data-driven tools for personalised treatment strategies.

A cornerstone of EUROSPINE's contribution is the Spine Tango Registry, our renowned medical registry that stores structured and standardised anonymous medical data. This registry, developed and maintained by EUROSPINE, serves as a valuable resource for the PREPARE project, and its rich data set provides a solid foundation for advancing rehabilitation care strategies.

The comprehensive Spine Tango data, coupled with EUROSPINE's expertise, serves as a catalyst for the success of the PREPARE project. Through collaborative efforts, EUROSPINE is shaping the future of rehabilitation care, offering innovative solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare providers.

To find out more about the PREPARE project, visit the project website and subscribe to the newsletter. Keep up with the latest developments by following PREPARE REHAB on LinkedIn.

For more information, visit the the webpage on PREPARE

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