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EUROSPINE Diploma Equivalence

The equivalence programme enables national scientific spine societies in obtaining recognition that their programme is equivalent to that of EUROSPINE. It also allows young surgeons who have completed their education and attended partner societies' validated diploma programmes to receive the EUROSPINE Diploma.

Equivalence Overview

The following table provides an overview of the equivalency agreements and related EUROSPINE surgical courses. 

EUROSPINE Course Equivalence Partner agreements with: Online application / Further information  
Basic Diploma


Apply for Basic Diploma Equivalence  

Basic Diploma (modules completed with multiple partner societies)

same as above Apply for Basic Diploma Equivalence (multiple societies)  
Advanced Diploma

DWG (as of 2018) /EANS (as of 2017) / Turkish Spine Society (as of 2018)

Apply for EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma    

Equivalence Agreements

EUROSPINE has equivalency agreements with the following societies:

Société Française de Chirurgie Rachidienne (SFCR)
Deutsche Wirbelsäulengesellschafts (DWG)
Hellenic Spine Society (EESS)
Sociedad Española de Columna Vertebral (GEER)
Sociedade Portuguesa de Patologia de la Coluna Vertebral (SPPCV)
Turkish Spine Society (TSS)
European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS)*

*Equivalence is only valid as of 2018 diplomates for the EUROSPINE diploma (not retroactively).

Become an Equivalence Partner

Any European national and scientific society can apply to this process as long as they are Institutional Members of EUROSPINE and have a recognised national spine curricula with similar aims and learning outcomes of the EUROSPINE Diploma. 

To formally start the equivalence application process, prospective partner societies must download the application form below, complete and submit this to the Education Team. Details about the process can be downloaded below. 

Contact and Support

This picture shows Angelika Salmen.
Angelika Salmen

Education and Research Manager

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