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National Societies

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Customisation and standards

shape national standards
use the available resources and infrastructure
bear on more than 20 years of experience and knowhow


  • Participate in the formulation of national standards that reflect best practices in spine care and contribute to the overall advancement of healthcare.
  • Customise the registry to meet your society's requirements while maintaining essential common data. Optionally, create a personalised spine registry based on the Spine Tango foundation to create individual solutions.
  • The development of the Registry is anchored in continuous collaboration, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of society.
  • The partnership's financial model is based on industry subscriptions, with revenues generated used to cover registry costs, registration fees and potentially shared profits after fixed costs.
  • Full voting rights within the Spine Tango Task Force, the steering body for the ongoing development of the Registry.

Data, knowledge and infrastructure

national surveillance
access to resources
data aggregation
enhance research

Develop once and share principle

Develop once and shared
tailored flexibility
personalised access

  • Unlock valuable resources, including data and infrastructure, such as the prestigious Spine Tango Implant Library.
  • Streamline national surveillance and accelerate robust analysis through rapid data aggregation, while delivering tailored reports with comprehensive analysis for your society.
  • Access essential data, expert knowledge and sophisticated infrastructure, including the Spine Tango Implant Library.
  • Strengthen research with accelerated data aggregation, increasing analytical capacity.
  • Enhance surveillance with efficient data aggregation, enabling timely insights.
  • Access to all current and future services of the Spine Tango Registry through the innovative "develop once and share" approach, all at no additional cost.
  • Customise the registry to meet your society's needs while maintaining common data points. Optionally, build a personalised spine registry using Spine Tango foundation.
  • Use a dedicated personal database for quality assurance, research and performance validation to enhance your society's capabilities.
Spine Tango Team

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