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Advanced Diploma


The Advanced Diploma is an extension of the Basic and Advanced surgical courses. It is the most challenging diploma to achieve at EUROSPINE. It requires applicants to not only complete all basic and advanced modules, but also complete a 6-month  fellowship at a spine centre outside of the own workplace.

Discontinuation of the Advanced Diploma!

***The EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma will be fully discontinued by the end of 2025. Individuals still interested to complete the Advanced Diploma MUST ensure that all requirements are met before the discontinuation deadline applicable.***

Please check the following information below to find out which option applies to you. Click on the relevant option and read the requirements carefully, to check what is needed to complete the Advanced Diploma before its discontinuation.

Check which option applies to you below

Target Audience

The Advanced Diploma targets experienced spine specialists and trained surgeons, who have completed the above requirements. 

How to obtain the Advanced Diploma

To obtain the Advanced Diploma you must:

  1. Complete the Basic Diploma (with EUROSPINE OR through the Diploma Equivalence Programme
  2. Complete the Advanced Course (with EUROSPINE OR one of the following partner societies: EANS as of 2017, Turkish Spine Society or DWG as of 2018) 
  3. Complete a 6-months fellowship at a hospital other than your workplace (validated by EUROSPINE before starting the fellowship)
  4. Apply to receive the Advanced Diploma
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