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EDISC Diploma Application

EDISC course participants who have completed all modules, must formally apply for their EDISC Diploma by using the online application form below.

The application requires the submission of all CME certificates (live and e-learning) achieved. 

Submission Details

Mandatory modules

  • EDISC Modules 1-7 

CME certificate submission 

  • EDISC Modules 2-7 require the submission of the CME certificates for the live session (1 per module)
  • EDISC Module 1 requires the submission of 2 CME certificates (1 for the e-learning component & 1 for the live session)

Submission form

  • Input all details as requested and double-check that you have uploaded the correct document.
  • Only use English alphabet characters as special characters cannot be processed.
  • Ensure that your address is entered correctly to avoid issues with postal deliveries.

Processing and printing

  • Diploma prints only contain the full name, NOT the title of the professional. 
  • Processing may take up to 8 weeks or longer during peak periods.
  • Incomplete applications may result in an extended processing time.

Help and support

For help and support please contact the Education Team

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