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Information for patients

As a patient, you may be asked by your surgeon or medical staff to provide your consent so that your data can be added to the Spine Tango registry.

Find out more about the registry and why your consent is important.

Monitoring treatment quality and effectiveness

The number and complexity of treatments for spinal conditions is growing rapidly. It is therefore very important that we monitor the quality and effectiveness of treatments and the medical devices used (such as implants) to be able to recommend the best care for patients. The treating physicians do this by recording each treatment and its outcome in a registry.

What is the registry?

The registry is like a notebook where the treating physician writes down each medical diagnosis, the treatment performed, medical devices used (if any) and the outcome for each patient. Treating physicians, specialist societies, researchers and medical device supplier companies can then use the anonymised data (which means without identifying information like patient names) to compare treatments and medical devices to understand which is most or least effective. 

Patient Line

Please visit the Patient Line page for information for patients on spinal conditions. 


Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have questions about the registry. 

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For more detailed information

  • Check our information leaflet for patient document to know who has access to your data, how are your data secured, etc.
  • Please see also the informed patient consent template which Spine Tango offers to physicians and clinics. A patient consent is required to be signed by the patient before any of her/his data is entered in the registry.
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