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Your EDISC module for 2024 #EDISCISEPIC

EDISC addresses important new developments on the management of spinal disorders.

Different spine care professionals

General information

The EDISC course offers 7 online modules that cover various topics including issues related to the biomedical versus biopsychosocial model, how to best integrate new evidence into practice, how to gather clinical evidence and how to overcome barriers to interprofessional care.
Each completed module brings you closer to achieving CME credits, recognised by a certificate. Flexibility is at your fingertips, with the option to take certain modules out of sequence. For those seeking the ultimate achievement, the prestigious EDISC Diploma can be achieved within a maximum of three years of completing all modules.

Cancellation policy:
The EUROSPINE Terms & Conditions apply. Please read these carefully for details on the cancellation policy.

This picture shows Angelika Salmen.
Angelika Salmen

Education and Research Manager

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