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Quality Assurance

EUROSPINE provides quality assurance tools and programmes for clinicians, hospitals, patients, and industry partners.  These aim to improve the evidence base for treatment effectiveness, ensure patient safety and promote best practice in spine surgery.

Spine Tango

Spine Tango is a web-based medical registry providing tools for tracking patient progress and measuring treatment outcomes. It includes a comprehensive implant database and provides feedback services to clinicians, hospitals and medical device manufacturers.
The data collected delivers clear evidence on prevention, treatment effectiveness, patient safety and best practice, supporting spine-related learning and research.

About the registry

Surgical Spine Centre of Excellence (SSCoE)

The Surgical Spine Centres of Excellence (SSCoE) certification programme promotes excellence in spine care around the world. SSCoE certification offers patients a guarantee of quality care no matter where they live or what kind of health care system they have in their respective countries. Centres going through the certification process can identify areas of improvement and ensure they comply with best practice.

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Patient Line

Patient Line is a platform that provides clear information to patients in different languages. It helps patients understand their treatment options and is well known in Europe for providing helpful information on spine issues.

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The Dialogue Support (Swespine)

The Dialogue Support is predicting outcome 1 year after surgery for spinal disorders. The underlying prediction models used have been trained on a sizable body of data throughout Sweden during a 10-year period and is updated every year. The data quantity thus always includes outcomes no more than 1 year old. 

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