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Advanced Course


Participants who have completed the EUROSPINE Basic Diploma can take a step further and complete the Advanced Course. The course provides individuals with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills by taking part in interactive sessions and skills workshops. Challenging cases are discussed with renowned surgeons, alongside future trends in state of the art spine surgery. 

The Advanced Course is a requirement in completing the EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma.

NOTE: The Advanced Diploma will be discontinued in the near future. If you wish to pursue the Advanced Diploma, please check on the latest updates regarding the transition period of ceasing the diploma.

Find out more about the discontinuation of the Advanced Diploma.

Target Audience

Confirmed spine specialists and trained surgeons who have completed their EUROSPINE Basic Diploma or trained and practicing surgeons with more than 2 years experience.

How to obtain the Advanced Course Certificates

To obtain the Advanced Course certificates you need to:

  1. Register for EduWeek (2024 registrations will open in October 2023)
  2. Complete the e-learning component of Advanced Module 1 and 2
  3. Attend the live sessions of Advanced Module 1 and 2
  4. Complete all evaluation surveys as required 

Further guidance can be found in the Q&A Diploma Guide (coming soon)

2024 Pre-liminary Module Programmes

Download the pre-liminary module programmes for EduWeek 2024 below.

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