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Brain and Spine Journal celebrates Impact Factor of 1.9

18 Jun 2024

Brain and Spine Journal Celebrates Impact Factor of 1.9

Brain and Spine, the official journal of EUROSPINE and the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), has achieved an impressive Impact Factor of 1.9, just three years after its launch. This significant milestone underscores the journal’s rapid progress and contributions to research in the nervous system and axial skeleton.

A Milestone Achievement

Launched in 2021, Brain and Spine quickly gained recognition in the scientific community. The journal’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of its authors, reviewers, and editorial team. The editorial team, consisting of global experts, has overseen the journal's indexing in prestigious databases like PubMed Central, Scopus, and the Web of Science.

Supporting Researchers

Brain and Spine continues to support its members by offering a 50% discount on article processing charges, ensuring that valuable research reaches a global audience. For current special topic issues, a 100% waiver is available, with additional waivers for outstanding research at the discretion of the editors-in-chief.

Looking Forward

This achievement is not just a reflection of past efforts but a beacon for future possibilities. The journal is dedicated to further increasing its impact and continuing to contribute valuable research to the scientific community.

As Brain and Spine celebrates this milestone, it remains committed to advancing research and supporting the scientific community.


The rapid rise of Brain and Spine, culminating in an Impact Factor of 1.9, highlights the journal's dedication to excellence in research on the nervous system and axial skeleton. The journal looks forward to future achievements and continued contributions to the scientific community.

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