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Past Observerships

Discover the transformative experiences of medical professionals who have embarked on remarkable observerships around the world. These journeys have not only broadened their medical horizons, but also contributed to their growth as experts in their respective fields.

Observership in London, UK 2020

I am extremely grateful to EUROSPINE for granting me the fellowship opportunity under the guidance of Mr Khai Lam at London Bridge Hospital, London. This experience was particularly enriching due to my previous exposure to robotic and navigation systems. In conclusion, this fellowship proved to be a valuable learning journey, and I would like to thank Mr Lam and EUROSPINE for this remarkable opportunity.

Reflections from my observership at the Technical University of Munich, Germany 2020

During my time at the Technical University of Munich, I participated in various surgical and clinical activities, including morning sessions, operations, surgeries, ward rounds, rounds and discussions on spinal topics. Witnessing state-of-the-art spinal procedures with using navigation systems left a profound deep impression on me. The professionalism of the professors and consultants, notably Prof. especially Prof Meyer, was evident in their surgical techniques.
I observed a range of procedures, procedures from transthoracic corpectomy to minimally invasive spine surgeries with surgery using navigation systems. The warm and cooperative supportive hospital staff made my stay comfortable. enjoyable. Exploring Germany's the natural beauty of Germany and enjoying weekends with my colleagues enhanced added to the experience.

This Observership observership has undoubtedly impacted influenced my future practices practice and career. I extend my gratitude would like to thank Prof. Bernhard Meyer for the this opportunity and to EUROSPINE for their invaluable support.

Chitta Ranjan Roy Jashore, Bangladesh

Enriching Observership at London Bridge Hospital, UK 2020

In February 2020, I had the privilege of joining an observership at London Bridge Hospital in the UK. The hospital, known for its specialised care, is a leading private healthcare facility in London.
During my visit, I observed surgeries under the guidance of Dr Lam and his colleague, Dr Russo. I learnt techniques such as XLIF with percutaneous pedicle screws and witnessed surgeries using the new Excelsius GPS robotic navigation system. Dr Lam also demonstrated cervical disc replacement and anterior interbody fusion (ALIF/OLIF) techniques and generously shared his insights.
Attending fortnightly Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings allowed me to interact with my fellow surgeons, discussing surgical decisions and upcoming procedures. Away from the operating room, my time in London was truly memorable. Walking across the iconic London Bridge each morning added to the experience, and weekends were filled with exploring the vibrant city and its landmarks.

This enriching experience has undoubtedly enhanced my professional journey and I eagerly look forward to a continued association with EUROSPINE in the future.

Pramod Sudarshan, Kozhikode, Kerala India

Improving my spinal surgery skills in Munich Germany 2019

In April 2019, I embarked on a two-week observership at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich, funded by EUROSPINE. This experience was crucial in refining my surgical skills and expanding my expertise in complex spine procedures, including adult spinal deformity and scoliosis surgery. The observership exposed me to various non-instrumented spinal procedures, spinal tumour surgery and cervical spine surgery. In-depth knowledge of advanced equipment and clinical decision making was imparted through formal teaching and practical guidance.

The EUROSPINE observership played a vital role in facilitating my comprehensive training in complex spine surgery, covering living expenses and accommodation in Munich. My time at the Klinikum rechts der Isar exposed me to a wide range of spine cases, from simple lumbar discectomies to complex deformity corrections with multi-level instrumentation. Working with experienced surgeons allowed me to gain a holistic perspective, incorporating techniques from both orthopaedic and neurosurgical approaches.

The skills and insights I have gained will undoubtedly contribute significantly to my professional growth and enhance the care I provide to my patients.

Prashant Adhikari, Kathmandu Nepal

Improving patient care through observership Bordeaux, France 2018

This experience elevated my training as a spine surgeon. I'm eager to apply these insights to enhance patient care. Sharing experiences with seasoned experts is key to growth.
I extend heartfelt thanks to Prof Le Huec for his hospitality and teaching, and to EUROSPINE for facilitating this fellowship. I hope more young surgeons benefit from such unique opportunities in the future.

Enhancing my training as a spine surgeon to improve patient care, Madrid Spain 2018

The dynamic atmosphere of Madrid complemented my stay perfectly, and the exceptional warmth and hospitality of both hosts made the experience unforgettable.

Dr Perez-Grueso's paediatric spinal deformity clinic presented various complex cases, using halo traction for preoperative correction and enhancing neurovascular plasticity, which played a key role in achieving on-table correction of a neurofibromatosis scoliosis case.

Meanwhile, with Dr Álvarez Galovich, I delved into the evolving algorithm for osteoporotic spinal deformities. Witnessing the use of shortening osteotomy and cemented screws for thoracolumbar osteoporotic deformities (Kummel's disease) demonstrated innovative solutions.

While the rare cases were fascinating, observing the management of common spinal pathologies in Madrid enriched my experience. Participating in degenerative lumbar and cervical procedures allowed me to learn surgical nuances and alternative diagnostic perspectives. These insights will undoubtedly enhance my practice and will be shared with my colleagues in Ireland.

Beyond the clinical learning, the most significant impact has been the formation of warm friendships with these esteemed experts. I look forward to continued interaction and hope to meet them again at the next EUROSPINE meeting.

Derek Cawley, Ireland

Gain insights from spinal surgery collaboration, Milan Italy 2018

During my time at the Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi-GSpine 4 in Milan, Italy, under the guidance of Dr Pedro Berjano, I had a transformative experience. Witnessing the seamless collaboration between orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons was truly unique.

The team's bi-weekly patient assessment and surgical planning meetings showcased their collective expertise, particularly in adult spinal deformity cases. 
From interbody fusions to spinal osteotomies, I was able to closely observe a range of procedures thanks to the team's inclusive approach.

Erkin Sönmez, Istanbul Turkey 

Reflecting on my EUROSPINE observership at Acibadem Hospital, Istanbul Turkey 2018

My spine observership and short fellowship with Prof. Dr. Serdar Ozgen at Acibadem Hospital in June 2018 was an enriching experience. Under Prof Ozgen's guidance, I delved into the complexities of degenerative spinal diseases and spinal tumours. His dedication to teaching was evident as he meticulously discussed every decision, both pre- and intra-operatively. I was privileged to learn techniques such as the O-arm navigation system, which proved invaluable in revision cases.

I observed operations by the esteemed spinal orthopaedic surgeon, Prof Alanay, and witnessed the correction of complex scoliosis. The environment, staff and facilities of the hospital were exceptional and provided an optimal learning environment.
This experience was a testament to the great learning opportunities provided by Eurospine and its commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

Anthony Thomas, South Africa

EUROSPINE Observership Adventure in Oxford, UK 2019

I am incredibly grateful to have been awarded the EUROSPINE Observership Grant, which gives me the privilege of visiting esteemed spine colleagues in Oxford, England. During my two-week stay in 2019, I was honoured to be hosted by Dr Dominique A. Rothenfluh and Dr Jeremy Reynolds. Both are prominent figures in the EUROSPINE educational community. My experience was both educational and enlightening as I observed ALIF, XLIF, TLIF, MISS, neuromuscular scoliosis, tumour scoliosis, AIS revision and even a hemi-sacrectomy.

An insight into orthopaedic excellence, Milan Italy in 2018

I spent a transformative 10 days in October 2018, at Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi-GSpine 3 in Milan, Italy. This experience offered a rare glimpse into the world of a renowned orthopedic and spine clinic.

Kerim Sariyilmaz, Istanbul Turkey

The remarkable impact of this observership on my surgical practice, Copenhagen, Denmark 2018

This Observership exceeded my expectations and enabled me to return to India as a more proficient surgeon.
The lessons learned will undoubtedly take my patient care to new heights.

Chikhale Chitanya, Bombay India

Two weeks of learning and inspiration at the University of Innsbruck's Department of Neurosurgery, Austria 2018

I had the privilege of spending two enlightening weeks in May 2018 at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Innsbruck, Austria, under the mentorship of Prof Claudius Thomé. During this time, I actively participated in departmental meetings and closely observed case discussions and treatment decisions. I had the opportunity to observe a wide range of spine surgery cases, particularly degenerative spine and trauma cases, which deepened my understanding of the field. I was impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities and procedures, including witnessing a pedicle subtraction osteotomy using intraoperative CT, a procedure meticulously explained by Prof Thomé and Dr Alexander Örley. Participating in minimally invasive spine procedures further enriched my knowledge, especially for my study of cervical spine biomechanics. Rare procedures such as pedicle subtraction osteotomy and extreme lateral interbody fusion, which are uncommon in my department, have inspired me to advocate for their inclusion. Watching eminent spine surgeons like Prof Claudius Thomé in action has been invaluable to my growth. I urge all young EUROSPINE members to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. I am grateful to EUROSPINE for this enriching experience in Innsbruck and to the kind doctors and staff of the department, especially Prof. Claudius Thomé, whose mentorship and insights have broadened my understanding of modern spine surgery. I look forward to applying this knowledge to improve patient care in my future endeavours as a neurosurgeon.

Ivan Domazet, Croatia

Reflections on precision and innovation from a transformative journey, Liberec Czech Republic 2017

This transformative journey has highlighted the critical role of meticulous anatomical assessment, strategic preoperative planning and precise intraoperative control. These pillars enhance safety and reduce complications in spinal surgery. The Neurocentre is a pioneer in innovation, particularly in the cranio-vertebral and cervico-thoracic regions.
Experiences like these form the basis of our training, learning from experts like Prof Suchomel for mutual growth. Thanks to Prof Alessandro Ducati and the crucial support of EUROSPINE, this journey has thrived. Forward-thinking mentors and organisations are shaping surgical excellence for future generations.

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