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Advanced Diploma Application

Discontinuation of the Advanced Diploma
Remember to double-check on the latest information regarding the discontinuation of the Advanced Diploam by the end of 2025. We strongly recommend to check the requirements to complete the Advanced Diploma in the given timeframe. Further details can be found here


To apply for the EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma, use the submission form below. Please ensure that you have read all instructions carefully and that the documentation provided is correct and all requrierements are fulfilled. 

Not complying with any instructions may delay the processing time. The administrative fee charged is non-refundable.

Submission Details


Individuals MUST fulfill the following requirments for eligibility of the Advanced Diploma:

  • Completion of the Basic Diploma (or equivalence diploma)
  • Completion of Advanced Modules 1 and 2
  • Completion of a 6 months fellowship, validated by EUROSPINE (prior to commencing the fellowship)

Mandatory documentation

  • A copy of the EUROSPINE Basic Diploma (or equivalence diploma)
  • A copy of the Advanced Modules 1 and 2 live session CME certificates
  • A copy of the Advanced Modules 1 and 2 e-learning CME certificates
  • A copy of the Fellowship Validation letter sent to you by EUROSPINE (NOT the fellowship confirmation from the host centre!)

Application fee

  • A non-refundable fee of €100 for administration, printing and shipping will be charged per application.
  • The payment must be received before the EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma can be issued.

Submission form

  • Input all details as requested and double-check that you have uploaded the correct document.
  • Only use English alphabet characters as special characters cannot be processed.
  • Ensure that your address is entered correctly to avoid issues with postal deliveries.

Processing and printing

  • Diploma prints only contain the full name, NOT the title of the professional. 
  • Processing may take up to 8 weeks or longer during peak periods.
  • Incomplete applications may result in an extended processing time.

Help and support

For help and support please contact the Education Team

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