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2024 Grant Applications

EUROSPINE is pleased to present our Research Grant Application Portal, a platform designed to facilitate the application process for researchers seeking funding for their projects. Our website aims to streamline the application process by providing comprehensive information and tools to support researchers every step of the way.
We are thrilled to announce the availability of four grants, each worth 15,000 EUR, for the upcoming cycle.

Grant applications for 2024 will be opening soon.

Who can apply

We cordially invite the following individuals and groups to apply for a grant in 2024:

  • Doctoral/PhD Students

  • Postdoctoral fellows (postdocs)

  • Researchers/Clinicians in the early stages of their research careers

To be eligible for funding, the applicant or at least one member of the research team must be a member of EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe. In addition, all applications must be submitted in English to ensure effective communication and evaluation.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is to support research that advances knowledge of the spine, including its characteristics, injuries, disorders and diseases. We welcome both clinical and non-clinical research applications related to the spine, with the following considerations

  • Clinical studies should go beyond case series and propose innovative approaches.
  • Non-clinical studies should not focus solely on product development.

For the next cycle, four grants of 15,000 EUR each will be available.

To ensure the highest standards of ethical research, it is essential that all applicants demonstrate their commitment to the protection of human or animal subjects. We ask that you provide evidence of relevant ethical approval or indicate that the approval process is underway.

As a testament to our shared values, successful researchers will be required to certify their compliance with the Helsinki Convention (1975 Tokyo Amendment). This commitment ensures that the study will be conducted with the utmost care and respect for ethical guidelines.

Submission Requirements 

In order to ensure a smooth and successful application process, please make sure that your submission complies with the following requirements:

Please read the application guidelines carefully before submitting your application. All documents needed for your application can be downloaded here. If you have any questions, contact the Education Team. 

  • Comply with the submission guidelines (incl. content and format).
  • The applicant or at least one member of the research team must be a EUROSPINE member.
  • Submit your application in English
  • Submission is accepted through the online submission form only.
  • Please note that grant applications for 2024 will open soon.

Evaluation Process

The Taskforce Research uses a review process where two independent reviewers evaluate and score the proposal following the scoring instructions and using a standard evaluation form. Further details on the review process can be found in the grant application guidelines. 

Publication Standards

Respecting research and publication standards helps you design your research project. We strongly recommend you use any kind of relevant research or publication standards to check for completeness, before submitting your application.

We recommend using the following resources:

  • Standards endorsed by the Equator Network, available in various languages. These standards include standards for randomised trials, epidemiological observational studies, systematic reviews, diagnostic studies, prognostic studies, qualitative research, animal preclinical studies, economic evaluations, and study protocols.
  • Standards endorsed by the European Medicine Agency: these standards include good laboratory practice compliance, good clinical practice, good manufacturing practice, ethical use of animals.

Application Documents

The following documents are available to download here and where needed, can be filled in and signed electronically:

  1. Application Guidelines: Please read these carefully to ensure compliance with all requirments.
  2. Grant Application FormDownload the application form, needed for the submission.
  3. Conflict of Interest Form:​​​​​​​ This must be downloaded, filled in and submitted by each member of the application group.
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