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2024 Grant Applications

EUROSPINE welcomes you to explore our Observership programme.
Over 14 days you will gain insights, witness advanced techniques and expand your knowledge. But there's more - you'll make connections, access financial support and foster personal growth.

Join us to enhance your expertise and thrive in spine care and research.

Who can apply

EUROSPINE members without outstanding membership fees are welcome to apply for the Observership Grant.
To ensure a fair process, each applicant may only submit one application to a single centre per application cycle.
We kindly ask you to avoid multiple applications from the same applicant, as this may result in disqualification for that particular cycle.

Your participation is important and adherence to these guidelines will ensure a smooth and fair experience for all.

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Application Process

  1. Submit your application by the set deadlines on our EUROSPINE website. Late submissions will be considered for the next cycle.
  2. Complete and eligible applications will be collated and sent to the reviewers. Incomplete applications may be resubmitted for the next cycle.
  3. Qualified applications will be selected based on criteria alignment, application quality, career relevance, and available funding.
    Rest assured that our reviewers from the EUROSPINE Education Council are overseeing the process.
  4. You will receive an email with our decision by the specified date.
  5. If accepted, you can expect to receive your stipend within two weeks of acceptance. 
  6. Work with host centres to organise and complete your observership.
  7. Submit a report and feedback within 30 days of completion to enrich the programme.
  8. Receive a certificate of participation for meeting the criteria.

Application Deadline


Application Deadline 

Review Decision by 


1 April (23:59 CEST) 

1 June 


1 June (23:59 CEST) 

1 September 


1 September (23:59 CEST) 

1 January 

Submission Requirements 

Your application must include the following information and documentation in order to present a complete picture:

  • Indicate the proposed start and end dates, laying the groundwork for a successful trip.
  • Define the purpose of your observership and outline your strategies for achieving it. Describe teaching methods and content, including possible procedures to be observed.
  • Provide an up-to-date CV in English that reflects your professional career and achievements.
  • Express your motivation and goals in a motivation letter. Include details of the type of placement you are seeking, what you hope to learn and why it is relevant to your training.
  • Include a letter from your hospital director confirming your permission to undertake the placement, whether paid or unpaid.
  • Attach a letter from your chosen host confirming their willingness to host you as an Observation Scholar. This letter should agree on dates, duration, objectives and availability throughout the experience.
  • Provide evidence of your participation in major European spine meetings or significant publications in spine journals. A copy of the abstract or publication list is essential.

Key facts

  • Target Audience: EUROSPINE members (who do not have any outstanding membership fees) 
  • Observership grant: EUR 1,500 per grant 
  • Length of observership: up to 14 days 
  • Purpose: Participants will be able observe procedures and practices to expand their professional experience and improve their existing skillset. 
  • Application cycles: 4 x per year 

For detailed information, download the Observership Application Guidelines.

Once you have been awarded an Observership grant, remember that you must wait three years before applying again. By assembling these components, your application will become a robust reflection of your intent and commitment to personal growth and contributon to the spine community.
We look forward to receiving your application and accompanying you on this enriching journey.

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