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Using the Spine Tango Registry to advance science

As a valued participant in the Spine Tango Registry, you have the privilege of accessing the pooled anonymised data of all international Spine Tango participants for quality assurance and research purposes. It's important to note that non-participants in Spine Tango can request data under certain conditions. To gain access, you must follow a process that ensures the integrity and appropriateness of data use. 

Access to anonymised international data to advance spine care and research

We are committed to ensuring the responsible and ethical use of Spine Tango data for research and appreciate your cooperation in following the procedures outlined.
By adhering to the highest standards of scientific practice, we collectively contribute to the advancement of spine care and the dissemination of valuable knowledge within the medical community.


For a streamlined and efficient process, please use our study protocol template and submit it to

The Spine Tango registry collects data on patient’s pathologies, risk factors, treatments, and outcomes

  • Patient Gender/Age/Height/Weight/BMI
  • Patient Current smoker status
  • Patient ASA (comorbidity classification)
  • Hospital admission, surgery and discharge dates
  • Hospital, Department, Country
  • Main pathology
  • Specification of the diagnosis
  • Additional pathology
  • Extent of lesion
  • Number of previous spine surgeries at same/adjacent or other levels
  • Duration of symptoms requiring treatment
  • Surgeon credentials
  • Therapeutic goal
  • Surgical access
  • Technology
  • Used implants
  • Surgical and general complications
  • Preoperative  COMI/ODI/EQ5D scores
  • Postoperative COMI scores at multiple different time points

Key terms and conditions for data management and use in the Spine Tango Registry

The use of data for Spine Tango users is described in the contract, in particular in article 4.3. For publications, we highly recommend the Brain & Spine journal.

Data ownership: Each participant and their authorised users retain ownership of the data they contribute for scientific publication or quality assurance purposes. This ownership extends to groups of participants who pool their data for broader analysis.

Management of the anonymised data pool: EUROSPINE oversees the anonymised data pool, managing data processing and access controls. The organisation aggregates the data submitted by participants, ensuring patient anonymity, and uses it for quality assurance and research as described in the contract.

Access to the data pool: Access to the anonymised international EUROSPINE data pool is only granted for approved studies. Misuse of the data will result in termination of the agreement and exclusion from the Spine Tango registry.

Guidelines for data entry and publication: Participants are required to use a common language and adhere to the Spine Tango Dictionary of Terms for consistency in data entry. In addition, the use of COMI as a patient-reported outcome tool is strongly encouraged if available in the required language.

For non-participants in Spine Tango, please be advised:

The number of such non-participant studies will initially be limited to 10 per year.
In the case of multiple study requests, EUROSPINE resources will prioritise urgent requests based on justification. Otherwise, requests will be considered in the order in which they are received.

Fee components and rates

Service Fee component Fee in EUR incl. VAT
Communication and management Fixed fee 200
Assessment fo the request Fixed fee 250

Extraction of the required data

Fixed fee 250


Variable fee 100 EUR per hour

Please find here the terms and conditions tailored for non-participants in the Spine Tango Registry.


Take action now and start your research journey with Spine Tango data! If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting your research efforts with Spine Tango data. Together, let's make a meaningful impact on improving spinal health worldwide! 

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