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Research Funding

To support groundbreaking and innovative research in the spine care community, EUROSPINE's Task Force Research (TFR) administers research grants to research projects in clinical and non-clinical studies associated with spine disorders. 

Clinical Research

Clinical research is defined as epidemiological population, and clinical research studies, including randomised clinical trials, cohort studies, and outcomes measure/development studies that relate to the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and/or prognosis of spinal disorders. Qualitative studies and healthcare research studies are considered clinical studies.

Non-Clinical Research

Non–clinical research is defined as all other studies (animal studies, basic science, biomechanical studies, applied studies, ergonomic studies, public health research, cost-benefit studies, and other studies) that are conducted on some aspect of spinal disorders.

Types of Grants

EUROSPINE has offered 3 types of grants in the past. In the aftermath of COVID-19 and economic implications there after, funding opportunities have become limited. Therefore, funding available currently only covers Development Grants.

  • Development Grant up to € 10,000
  • Pilot Study Grant up to € 30,000 for one year (currently not available)
  • Main Study Grant up to € 100,000 total over 3 years (currently not available)

The society aims to continue supporting funding opportunities where possible and will be communicating when Pilot Study Grants and Main Study Grants are available again.

What are development grants?

Development grants aim to help taking a good idea to a feasible grant application. The funds are intended to help develop a pilot study.
Some examples are: methodological advice (epidemiologist, biostatistician), discussion with collaborators, formal literature review, translate outcome measures, test the feasibility of trial material. The application must link to the intended pilot study, indicate a timeline, and give a detailed budget.

The next call for funding will be announced by late Spring/early Summer 2023.

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