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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision

To be the driving force and the primary and preferred partner in Europe and beyond for all spinal care issues.

Our mission

  • Optimise patient care and prevention of spinal disorders
  • Provide and support best practice life-long learning, research and quality assurance
  • Bring together all spine-related European stakeholders across disciplines, cultures and countries


4 Strategic Priorities

At EUROSPINE, we prioritise four key areas that drive our mission and define our core activities. These include our members, who are the backbone of our work, as well as our strategic focus on addressing all spine-related issues beyond surgery. In addition, we place a strong emphasis on our organizational structure, which allows us to effectively coordinate and carry out our key functions. These functions include organising meetings, providing education, conducting research, and ensuring quality assurance.

1. Core activities

Meetings, Education, Research, and Quality Assurance are the core activities that define EUROSPINE's work in advancing spine care. Through these critical functions, we bring together experts from around the world, provide ongoing learning and professional development opportunities, conduct cutting-edge research, and ensure the highest standards of patient care and safety. By leveraging our expertise and resources in these areas, we aim to drive innovation, improve outcomes, and shape the future of spine care.


The EUROSPINE Annual Meeting is considered the leading platform for sharing innovation and the latest research in the treatment of spinal disorders. Attended by several thousand participants from over 80 countries, it offers spine professionals the opportunity to network with the finest minds in spine care. Our Spring Meetings focus on offering deep dive explorations of specific, topical themes. They provide an excellent opportunity for spine care professionals to deepen their knowledge and expertise in a specific area of interest, while also engaging with colleagues from around the world and building valuable connections in the field.


Our education programme differentiates us from other spine organisations, as it goes beyond pure academics and includes specific live educational events, fellowships and master classes. It is our goal to offer an accredited “European Spine Specialist Certification”. To this end we are coordinating our efforts with other national societies through EuSSAB and with other European/Continental speciality organisations such as European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT),European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EBOT) and European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS).


EUROSPINE recognises the critical role of supporting research, educating researchers, and cultivating an engaged research community within the society. To achieve this objective, EUROSPINE funds high-quality research and offers a course to educate researchers.

Over the past few years, EUROSPINE has provided grants for outstanding studies and has trained researchers in research methodology from diverse countries. EUROSPINE is dedicated to continuing this work by allocating substantial funds for top-quality projects and organising research skills educational events.

Quality Assurance

EUROSPINE is committed to maintaining the highest quality of spine care and treatment techniques, and as part of this commitment, we have implemented several quality assurance activities. Two of the most notable quality assurance activities carried out by EUROSPINE are Spine Tango and the Surgical Spine Centres of Excellence (SSCoE) certification programme. Spine Tango is an international registry that documents the effectiveness and safety of spine care, treatment techniques and technologies. Our SSCoE certification programme for spine institutions is a Europe-wide quality exercise aiming to audit and certify the implementation of services that advance spine surgery and spine care as a whole.

2. Members

EUROSPINE's multidisciplinary and multicultural membership base includes top minds from around the world committed to advancing the field of spine care. Members benefit from networking opportunities with experts from a range of backgrounds and access to educational and professional development opportunities. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, EUROSPINE promotes a holistic approach to spine care that benefits both patients and providers. Our society is proud to offer members the latest knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care to patients beyond surgery.

3. Rehabilitation

EUROSPINE recognises the importance of addressing non-surgical spine-related issues, including rehabilitation. By expanding our focus, we can create a stronger voice to advocate for the critical role of rehabilitation in improving patient outcomes. Our advocacy efforts aim to promote access to non-surgical treatment, ensuring patients receive the best possible care and support.

4. Organisation

At EUROSPINE, we are committed to constantly driving improvement and strengthening our organisational set-up to better serve our members and advance the field of spine care. By staying at the forefront of organisational best practices and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our members and the broader spine care community, we strive to remain a leader in the field and ensure that our work has a lasting and meaningful impact.


EUROSPINE was founded on 26 June 1998, in Innsbruck, Austria as a result of the merger of two European spine societies, namely the European Spine Society (ESS) and the European Spinal Deformity Society (ESDS). Since then, EUROSPINE has grown into a leading organisation for spine specialists in Europe, promoting education, research, and collaboration in the field of spine care.

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