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Career Talk with Ahmet Alanay (5/5)

26 Dec 2023

In a recent career talk, EUROSPINE Professor Ahmet Alanay delivers a powerful message to young and aspiring spine surgeons. Prof. Alanay, a distinguished figure in the field of spine care, shares his insights on the challenges and rewards of the journey, emphasising the global impact of their work.

"The journey in spine care is challenging yet rewarding," he begins. "Every patient we help, every research project we undertake, adds a brick to the edifice of global health."

Highlighting EUROSPINE's unwavering commitment to supporting individuals on this demanding journey, Prof. Alanay encourages young surgeons to actively engage, contribute, and lead. He stresses that opportunities within the society are significant, irrespective of one's background, age, or country of origin.

"Even though it may seem like a long path to leadership in this society, you have a significant opportunity," he emphasises.

One of the key takeaways from Ahmet Alanay's address is his vision of a dynamic society where young members are not only followers but also future leaders who shape the trajectory of the field.

"I envision a society where our young members are not just followers but future leaders, shaping the trajectory of our field," he says passionately.

His final message resonates with a call to action, rallying young surgeons to work collaboratively toward a brighter, healthier future in spine care. The speech is met with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose among EUROSPINE members.

His inspirational words serve as a reminder of the immense potential within the field of spine care and the pivotal role that young surgeons can play in shaping its future. As they actively engage, contribute, and lead, the global landscape of spine care sees positive and transformative changes.

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