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Voices of Excellence

Explore the EDISC through participant testimonials. Immerse yourself in compelling videos that capture the transformative journey of spine care professionals. Witness first-hand the impact on practices and the broader spine care landscape.

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Discover key insights showcasing the impact of the programme. From enhanced clinical skills to expanded interdisciplinary collaboration, our participants are taking spine care in new directions.

Will you implement the learnings from the EDISC course?

How useful was the content (EDISC course 2023)?

I recommend the EDISC course to other professionals. The lecturers and chairs do not share a theory that they read or give us. They share their practice. They bring new, updated and already used treatments from their practice to the EDISC course.

Real-World Excellence in Spine Education

Discover the stories behind the numbers and videos that showcase real examples of excellence in spine care education. The power of EDISC comes to life through the voices and achievements of our dedicated participants.

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