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Career Talk with Ahmet Alanay (3/5)

12 Dec 2023

Following the insightful career talk with Ahmet Alanay, current EUROSPINE President, at the recent EUROSPINE Annual Meeting, we're excited to provide weekly bits of his valuable insights.

Part 3: The role of EUROSPINE membership in Ahmet Alanay's career development

Q1: How has EUROSPINE membership impacted your career?

A1: EUROSPINE has been instrumental. The community, resources, and opportunities for collaboration it offered have been pivotal in my growth and the advancement in my career. My career age and EUROSPINE are the same age. Since its foundation there is only one year that I did not have any abstract presented by me or me as a co-author. I had more than 120 podium presentations and many lectures in EUROSPINE meetings. I have been a travelling fellow of the society with my 3 fellow mates from Germany, UK and Brazil. I believe the EUROSPINE leadership has discovered the gem in me in the very early years of the society and they assigned me for many positions where I worked for many years. I started being a member of membership committee then chaired at least 2 committees and had a position in ex-com for 3 years. All these activities helped to meet mentors who helped a lot for advancing my decision making and surgical technical skills, increasing my academic reputation, establishing a great networking of spine physicians, helping in advancement of my leadership skills and today brought me to the position of leading of the society. It also increased my recognition among patients and has led to the growth of my practice.

Q2: Why would you recommend EUROSPINE membership to young surgeons?

A2: For young surgeons, EUROSPINE is a gateway to a network of experts, cutting-edge research, and platforms to showcase their work. The mentorship and guidance I've received here in this society have been unparalleled.

Part 4 will follow next week.

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