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Welcome to the EUROSPINE Mentoring Programme!

Are you an early career spine healthcare professional looking to develop your skills and career?

Listen to Lisa Roberts, Chair Community & Leadership Council

Personal and professional development

Tailored support


I have participated in two mentorship programs at different stages of my career. Both programs have significantly contributed to my growth, not only as a surgeon but also as a person. They have taught me essential skills, such as how to treat patients and perform surgeries. While these technical skills are crucial, the mentorships also provided me with a structured approach and a strong foundation to build my career and develop my unique method of patient care.

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Programm structure


6 months

Meetings with your Mentor

The first 3 month Monthly meetings 
Subsequent meetings as required for the remainder of the programme

Support and evaluation

Monthly optional drop-in sessions for mentors
Brief progress reviews at three and six months


You must be an Early Career Member of EUROSPINE, within five years of qualifying as a healthcare professional.

How to start

Complete an introductory module on 'Making the Most of Your Mentoring'.
Complete two short surveys during the pilot phase.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your career with the EUROSPINE Mentoring Programme. Register today, complete the necessary steps and start your journey towards achieving your professional goals.  

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Welcome aboard and we look forward to supporting you in your career development!

Your Contact

This picture shows Danaé Lambert.
Danaé Lambert

Membership Relations

At EUROSPINE, we believe in the power of mentorship to transform careers and foster a community of continuous learning and support.

Become a mentor

As a mentor, you have the unique opportunity to share your wisdom, experience and insight with early career professionals, helping them to navigate the complexities of their field.
Your guidance can make a profound difference to their personal and professional development and help shape the future of spine care.


Listen to Laura Scaramuzzo, Community & Leadership Member

Make an impact

Share your knowledge and experience to help early career professionals navigate their career paths, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Professional growth

Enhance your leadership and coaching skills, and gain new perspectives by working with mentees from diverse backgrounds.

Community Building

Contribute to the EUROSPINE community by fostering a culture of support, collaboration and continuous learning.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a mentor. Your involvement is vital to the success of this programme and the development of our early career members.

For more details and to register, click here.

Thank you for your commitment to mentoring and for being part of this exciting venture. Happy Mentoring!

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