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EOTEP accredited, achieve CME credits

Participants apply their new knowledge to their daily work

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I recommend the EDISC course to other professionals. The lecturers and chairs do not share a theory that they read or give us. They share their practice. They bring new, updated and already used treatments from their practice to the EDISC course.

Using literature to inform my practice - core skills 1

Improve your skills and expand your knowledge!
Find out all about Module 1 and start your EDISC journey today!

An inter professional approach to spine care - core skills 2

Improve your communication and advisory skills.
Find out all about Module 2 and join EDISC now!

Communication and consultation skills - core skills 3

Focus on essential communication skills.
Explore Module 3 details here and start your EDISC adventure!

Assessment, diagnosis and management of spinal pain

Improve your spine care skills. Dive into advanced topics with experienced experts.
Find out all about Module 4 here and start your EDISC journey today!

The aging patient seeking spine care

Gain insight into caring for an ageing spine.
Explore Module 5 details here and start your EDISC journey today!

Spinal deformities - Scoliosis during growth & other deformities across the life course

Delve into spinal deformities - scoliosis in growth and beyond.
Get all the details on Module 6 here and start your EDISC experience!

Management and prevention of disability

Discover strategies for managing and preventing disability.
Check out the details of Module 7 here and take the first step with EDISC!

Achive the EDISC Diploma

We are pleased to announce that the 2025 EDISC Course is EOTEP accredited.
EDISC Diploma can be achieved within a maximum of three years of completing all modules.

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Pricing and Cancellation policy

What makes the EDISC course different?

Explore EDISC: 7 stand-alone modules, each a course in itself. It's fully online, designed for flexibility and accessibility for spine care professionals worldwide. Participate in lectures, interactive sessions, group work, case-based discussions, workshops and live plenary sessions from the comfort of your home or office. No face-to-face attendance required.

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