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Annual Reports

Find out more about the Spine Tango registry, benefits, achievements and key statistics in our Annual Reports

General information 

The below Spine Tango annual reports provide an overview of the Spine Tango registry, its governance, its data host, information security and information on data protection.

The reports also describe Spine Tango's benefit, how to join the registry and what were the main advances and achievements for the year. 

Last but not least, the annual reports provide statistics on the overall data growth by form type, patient charcteristics and descriptive analysis of the most frequent pathologies.


The Annual Report 2022 will be published prior to the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting in Frankfurt 2023

Advances and Achievements in 2021

In 2021, Spine Tango made significant progress in advancing spine care on a global scale. In collaboration with the SIRIS Foundation, we launched the Swiss Implant Registry for Spine (SIRIS Spine), attracting over 100 departments from different countries contributing 4,000 cases. Our Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI) was validated worldwide, crossing borders to provide a standardised assessment of patient outcomes.

Collaboration extended to national spine societies, demonstrating our expertise and potential. E-workshops with societies such as the Austrian and Slovenian Spine Societies demonstrated the growing interest in our Spine Tango programme, which has resonated internationally.

The expansion of the Spine Tango implant library with data from 42 manufacturers ensured accurate evaluation, reporting and recall information on a global scale. We enhanced the user experience with online statistics, electronic PROMs and user support materials.

In 2021, the global impact of Spine Tango reinforced our commitment to advancing spinal health worldwide.

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