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EUROSPINE Diploma Course

EDUWEEK 28-30 June 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet behind us, despite huge global efforts towards vaccination.

With the best interest of all stakeholders in mind and to guarantee the safety of the participants, faculty, staff and everyone involved in delivering the EduWeek, the EduWeek 2021 will be held fully virtual on 28 to 30 June 2021.


This course is composed of 6 modules providing young surgeons with a reference based, standardised curriculum in degenerative challenges, spinal deformities, trauma, tumours & inflammatory disease which will support them in their clinical practice. Through lectures and face to face sessions participants will have learning outcomes based on science that can be used in critical decision making.

Course Format and Design

This is a blended learning course (online lectures and live virtual educational event) composed of 6 modules, interactive sessions - case based discussions, and skills workshop (for module 2 only).

The modules include pre-learning and assessments. The number of hours of personal study vary per module.

Not all 6 modules can be taken at once. A maximum of 5 modules can be attended during the EduWeek 2021 as modules overlap. There is no particular order in which to take the modules. It is however recommended, whenever possible, to take the EUROSPINE Diploma Module 1 in the first year.

Module 6 (Literature course) is only mandatory in order to obtain the EUROSPINE Diploma for participants who have started taking their diploma courses as of 2020. Participants who have started taking their modules before 2020 do not need to complete this module to obtain their diploma.

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eLearning Component (Asynchronous)

Accessibility of eLearning modules: As of 1 April 2021.

Only participants who have paid the registration will be given access to the eLearning component of the EduWeek. Participants can take the eLearning component at their own pace, but are advised to complete their eLearning modules prior to the live (virtual) component.

Live (virtual) Component (Synchoronous)

Date:28-30 June 2021

Virtual Live Courses Schedule Overview

View the virtual live courses schedule overview hereAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster.
Detailed programmes, including the list of eLearning modules to complete prior to the virtual live courses can be downloaded below.

Course Registration

Register to EUROSPINE 2021 Virtual EduWeek until 30 April 2021 and benefit from an exceptional special offer: a free registration to the EUROSPINE Spring Specialty Meeting Webinar Series!

WARNING FOR REGISTRATION: Each module is delivered twice! Register to ONE option only!

Each module is delivered twice during the 2021 EduWeek (same content and faculty) to allow for more participation options.

Participants must only register for ONE of the module' option, at their preferred time/dates.

Due to the limited seats available, changing option once registered is not possible.

Registration Fees

Module 1: €300 for Members, €400 for Non-members
Modules 2–5: €800 for Members, €1,000 for Non-members
Module 6: €200 for Members, €300 for Non-members

All prices indicated are per module.

Please read the important information below
  • The registration fee covers the cost of the eLearning and live (virtual) components of the course.
  • Each module is delivered twice during the 2021 EduWeek. Participants must only register for ONE of the module' session, at their preferred time/dates.
  • Only module 2 has a skills workshop.

Members' Discount

Please note that, if you already are a EUROSPINE member and wish to take advantage of the EUROSPINE member discount when registering for the course, you must ensure you have settled your 2021 membership fee before starting your course registration. This can be done through your online user profileAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster.

Please note that we cannot reimburse the difference between the non-member and member's registration fee if a member registers at the non-member's rate.

CME Accreditation and Compliance

CME accreditation by EACCME will be applied for in due time. EUROSPINE will also seek compliance confirmation by EthicalMedTech.

Participation in the whole module is mandatory (online and live virtual components) as well as the completion of the course evaluation and assessments in order to receive the CME certificates:

  • CME credits for the eLearning are awarded after completing the eLearning component.
  • CME credits for the live virtual event are awarded separately upon completion of the live virtual component.
  • Module completion is achieved only after the completion of both the eLearning and live virtual component.

Recommended reading

Spine Surgery by Bernhard Meyer and Michael Rauschmann (Eds.)
Meyer, Bernhard, Rauschmann, Michael (Eds.) (2019). Spine Surgery: A Case-Based Approach. Springer International Publishing (Editorial)

ISBN 978-3-319-98874-0, Hardcover (ca. 150 EUR)
ISBN 978-3-319-98875-7, eBook (ca. 110 EUR)
More informationAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
In case of questions or if you need assistance, please contact .

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