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This April, step into the heart of ancient wisdom and modern medical expertise with the Hellenic Spine Society's Diploma Course, set in the stunning city of Athens. Scheduled for 19 April  (Module Trauma) and 20 April (Module Basic), this course isn't just an educational journey—it's a leap into the forefront of spinal care.

Why this course?

  • Equivalent to EUROSPINE: The curriculum of the diploma courses of the Hellenic Spine Society aligns seamlessly with EUROSPINE standards, allowing for an integrated learning experience (see diploma equivalence).
  • Flexibility in learning: Combine modules with EUROSPINE for a comprehensive understanding and attain your Diploma with ease and expertise.
  • Global language for a global community: Conducted entirely in English, the course bridges language barriers, making it accessible to a diverse international audience.

Module highlights

  • Module 1: Basic Comprehensive Course – Dive into the fundamentals of spinal care, designed for a robust foundational understanding.
  • Module 4: Trauma – Led by the esteemed Prof. Dr. Frank Kandziora, this module focuses on the intricacies of spinal trauma, offering insights from one of the field's leading experts.

Don't Miss This Opportunity! Whether you're looking to start your journey in spinal care or aiming to expand your expertise, the Hellenic Spine Society's Diploma Course is your gateway to excellence. Join us in Athens and be a part of a legacy in spine education.

Save the Dates: 19-20 April 2024 Mark your calendars and prepare for an educational experience like no other. We look forward to welcoming you to Athens for a course that promises to be as enlightening as it is enchanting. See you there!

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