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The forthcoming NSDS 2024 conference is set to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge among medical professionals and researchers specialising in spinal deformities. Organised by a dedicated committee, the event will present a comprehensive programme tailored to address the needs of both paediatric and adult patients requiring operative and non-operative care.

Distinguished speakers, including Marinus de Kleuver and Dominique Rothenfluh, will deliver keynote lectures, offering insights into the complexities of spinal deformities. Additionally, abstract presentations covering various facets of this critical medical field will be featured.

The Alf Nachemson Lecture, a highlight of the conference, will be delivered by David Marks.

Martin Gehrchen, Benny Dahl, and Søren Ohrt-Nissen, the organisers of NSDS 2024, extend formal invitations to all interested parties. With a commitment to facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and advancing the treatment of patients with spinal deformities, the NSDS conference aims to foster collaboration and innovation within the field.

For further details and updates, please visit the event website.

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