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Acrotec Medtech

Acrotec Medtech is a group of 14 companies focused on the production of medical implants, surgical instruments, and life science equipment. Acrotec has a global footprint, with production headquarters in Switzerland, France, the USA, Ireland, Singapore, China and Indonesia. An international CMO with the ability for our customers to source locally.

Aside from precision machining and surface treatments, we offer laser welding, complex assembly and specialize in the processing of alloys like Nitinol, Chrome Cobalt and MP35N. Our expansive capabilities allow Acrotec to be your one-stop-shop for any Spine, Extremity, cardiovascular or Robotic assisted surgery needs.

Acrotec Medtech thrives in the spine marketplace. We are a market leader in the supply of Expandable cages and plating systems – as well as the instrumentation used for these products. Other facilities in the group are focused on hooks, rods, pedicle screws and other price-sensitive implants.

Come to booth F46 to learn if the individuality of Acrotec Medtech can support your growth.

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