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EDISC continuing education


In order to obtain the EUROSPINE Diploma in Interprofessional Spine Care (EDISC), practitioners must complete all 7 EDISC Modules of 1 to 2 days each. The education programme addresses important new developments regarding the management of spinal disorders.

Each module has specific learning outcomes which address issues related to the biomedical versus biopsychosocial model, how to best integrate new evidence into practice, how to gather clinical evidence and how to overcome barriers to interprofessional care.

Task Force members

  • Pierre Côté Co-Chair
    University degree(s):DC PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Cervical, Trauma:Thoraco-lumbar Institute, Department:Ontario Tech University /
  • Margareta Nordin Co-Chair
    University degree(s):Prof. Dr. Med. Sci. Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Degenerative:Sacral
  • Richard Brown Member
    University degree(s):DC Institute, Department:World Federation of Chiropractic /
  • Anette Ranhoff Member
    University degree(s):MD PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Degenerative:Sacral, Deformity:Adult Institute, Department:Diakonhjemmet Hospital / University of Bergen / Department of Clinical Science
  • Lisa Roberts Member
    University degree(s):PhD Institute, Department:School of Health Sciences (Mailpoint 11) Southampton General Hospital Room AA101 / University of Southampton / School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Erik Werner Member
    University degree(s):MD PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar Institute, Department:University of Oslo / Dep of General Practice
  • Fabio Zaina Member
    University degree(s):MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Deformity:Pediatric, Deformity:Adult Institute, Department:ISICO - Italian Scientific Spine Institute20141
  • Alberto Zerbi Member
    University degree(s):MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Degenerative:Sacral, Tumour:Cervical, Tumour:Thoraco-lumbar, Tumour:Sacral, Trauma:Cervical, Trauma:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Sacral, Deformity:Pediatric, Deformity:Adult, Metabolic, Genetic, Intradural, Infection
  • Jamiu Busari Advisor
    University degree(s):MD PhD Specialisation:Deformity:Pediatric Institute, Department:Horacio Oduber Hospital / Maastricht University / Pediatrics
  • Christine Cedraschi Advisor
    University degree(s):PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar Institute, Department:Multidisciplinary Pain CenterDivision of Clinical Pharmacology and ToxicologyUniversity Hospitals
  • Louis-Rachid Salmi Advisor
    University degree(s):MD PhD Institute, Department:Univ. Bordeaux, ISPED, Centre INSERM U1219 Bordeaux Population Health
  • Eva Skillgate Advisor
    University degree(s):PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Degenerative:Sacral, Trauma:Cervical, Trauma:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Sacral Institute, Department:Sophiahemmet University / Department of health promotion scienses /
  • Steven Vogel Advisor
    Institute, Department:University College of Osteopathy / Research centre
  • Stéphane Genevay EduCom Liaison
    University degree(s):MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar Institute, Department:Division of RheumatologyUniversity Hospitals of Geneva
  • Olivier Lanlo Observer
    University degree(s):DC Institute, Department:IFEC
  • Julie-Lyn Noël Staff
    Institute, Department:EUROSPINE /
  • Sandy Sutter Staff
    Institute, Department:EUROSPINE /

2020 EUROSPINE EDISC Courses (29 June-3 July 2020) POSTPONED until January 2021

In light of evolving and unprecedented uncertainty of the COVID-19 global situation, EUROSPINE Presidential Line has decided to postpone EduWeek 2020. It is important that we all play our part in minimising travel and exposure to this virus and ensure that healthcare professionals are available to care for patients.
EduWeek, originally scheduled to take place from 29 June to 3 July 2020, has been postponed to 11–15 January 2021 at the IRCAD in Strasbourg, France. Please mark your calendar. All confirmed registrations will automatically be carried over to the new date. If you are unable to attend and prefer a full refund, please e-mail us at: with your request.
EUROSPINE fully supports our healthcare professionals in their unwavering efforts to fight the pandemic.

Course format and design

This live educational event includes blended learning of lectures, interactive sessions, group work, case based discussions, workshops and plenary sessions.

The modules include pre-learning and assessments. The number of hours of personal study vary per module.

Not all 7 modules can be taken at once. A maximum of 4 modules can be attended during one EduWeek. It is highly recommended to take modules 1 to 3 (core skills) during the first year. It is recommended to take the modules in sequence starting with Module 1 ending in Module 7. It is also recommended to complete all EDISC modules within 4 years.

The following modules will be delivered:
  • EDISC Module 1: Using literature to inform my practice (core skills 1)
  • EDISC Module 2: An interprofessional approach to spine care (core skills 2)
  • EDISC Module 3: Communication and consultation skills (core skills 3)
  • EDISC Module 4: Assessment, diagnosis and management of spinal pain
  • EDISC Module 5: The aging patient seeking spine care
  • EDISC Module 6: Spinal deformities - Scoliosis during growth & other deformities across the life course
  • EDISC Module 7: Management and prevention of disability

Next Course

Date: 11-15 January 2021
Location: Strasbourg, France
Venue: IRCAD
Address: 1, place de l’Hôpital, 67091 Strasbourg Cedex, France

Course Registration

To register for the course, please visit:

Registration Fees

EDISC Modules 1, 2 and 3 and 7: €200 for Members, €300 for Non-members
EDISC Modules 4, 5 and 6: €400 for Members, €600 for Non-members

All prices indicated are per module.

The registration fee covers:
  • cost of the module
  • coffee breaks and lunch
  • materials for practical sessions

Travel and accommodation:
Participants are required to book and pay for their travel and accommodation themselves. This is not included in the registration fee.

Accompanying persons:
There are no accompanying persons fees nor accompanying persons programme during this course.

Networking events:
The networking event is not part of the scientific programme. Participants are required to register at their own expense.

Members' Discount

Please note that, if you already are a EUROSPINE member and wish to take advantage of the EUROSPINE member discount when registering for the course, you must ensure you have settled your 2021 membership fee before starting your course registration. This can be done through your MyUserAreaAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster.

Please note that we cannot reimburse the difference between the non-member and member's registration fee if a member registers at the non-member's rate.

CME Accreditation and Compliance

EUROSPINE will apply to the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) and EthicalMedtech for accreditation of all modules.

Participation in the whole module is mandatory as well as the completion of the course assessment in order to receive the CME certificate and the corresponding CME credits.

Preliminary Programmes

The below are the Preliminary Programmes, subject to changes.
In case of questions or if you need assistance, please contact .

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