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Reasons to join the EUROSPINE family

The brightest minds in spine are members of EUROSPINE. Although orthopaedics and neurosurgeons are the core of EUROSPINE's membership, we welcome all spine related disciplines and professionals. Solving the challenges we are facing in spinal matters requires a multidisciplinary effort, and EUROSPINE is a place for all of today's spine professionals. Above all, EUROSPINE is its members.
As a member of EUROSPINE you will

  • gain access to a broad range of educational, research and scientific activities, as well as information and data collection tools tailored to your individual needs
  • get unique opportunity to make and impact on the future of spine cared in collaboration with leading spine professionals and your member colleagues
  • become part of a strong network that supports your expertise and career development

Are you a spine care professional?


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  • Claudia Ortner

    How to become a member of EUROSPINE

    Dear Leandro Herbon,
    thank you for your message on our website.
    We are pleased to hear that you wish to become a member of EUROSPINE.
    Please follow this link to start your membership application:
    Should you have any further questions or need assistance with your application, please let me know!
    Kind regards, Claudia
    EUROSPINE Membership Relations

    Comment no. 1710253228, from 25.10.2017

  • Leandro Herbon


    I want to add to be a eurospine member.

    Comment no. 1709073227, from 07.09.2017

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18 January 2018

SRS Course in cooperation with EUROSPINE

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10 January 2018

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Team EUROSPINE runs together for those who can & sponsors 10 runners within our team!

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