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Success for EUROSPINE's "Living with Scoliosis" Webinar

04 Jul 2024

Global Participation in EUROSPINE's "Living with Scoliosis" Webinar

More than 140 attendees from nearly 70 countries participated in the EUROSPINE Patient Line Committee's inaugural webinar, "Living with Scoliosis," held in celebration of Scoliosis Awareness Month. This significant turnout underscores the global importance of scoliosis management and awareness.

The webinar's moderator and chair of the EUROSPINE Patient Line, Peter Ferlic, expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you to everyone who participated in today's webinar and contributed to its success! It was a pleasure to moderate this webinar and listen to the exciting presentations. I believe our numerous participants also benefited greatly!"

The session provided a comprehensive overview of scoliosis, including the impact of diagnosis on patients, the importance of activity, sports, and physiotherapy both as conservative treatments and before/after surgery. Various treatment options were discussed, including surgical and non-surgical methods, along with life after surgery and long-term outcomes such as quality of life, daily activities, pregnancy, pain, sports, and job considerations. The webinar concluded with a summary, discussion, and Q&A session.

The event highlighted both non-operative and operative treatment methods, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis to ensure all treatment options remain available and achieve the best outcomes for patients. Additionally, the promising long-term results post-surgery were discussed, providing hope and insights for those affected by scoliosis.

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