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Subscribe to EUROSPINE's Spine Tango Reporting Services Today!

29 Apr 2024

We are delighted to present the inaugural newsletter from EUROSPINE's Spine Tango Registry. It is your exclusive gateway to unlocking unparalleled insights into the dynamic realm of spinal care.


Why Subscribe to Spine Tango Reporting Services?

Precision Insights for Excellence

Achieving precision in spinal treatments demands accurate, real-world evidence on treatments, implant usage and patient outcomes.

Spine Tango Registry meticulously records data on surgeries, implant usage and patient-reported outcomes, delivering real-world evidence-based reports to empower manufacturers with the monitoring of the safety and performance of their medical devices.

Regulatory Compliance Simplified

Meeting regulatory requirements for post-market surveillance can be challenging. As a subscriber, gain access to standard and bespoke reporting services, facilitating post-market surveillance activities and supporting your compliance with regulatory obligations.


Key Benefits of Subscribing

With over 850’000 forms on 160’000 surgeries documented, our registry offers a unique dataset, providing a solid foundation for assessing your device performance.

From standardised quarterly reports to tailored bespoke report services, subscribers gain access to insights that support strategic decision-making.

As a leading force in the medical device industry, subscribing to EUROSPINE's Spine Tango Registry positions you at the forefront of innovation in spinal care. Seize this opportunity to elevate your impact, gain precise information, and contribute to the advancement of spine care excellence.

Subscribe Today - Your Path to Excellence


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