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Quality Assurance

Revolutionising spine care through global collaboration

21 Feb 2024

In the constantly evolving healthcare landscape, Spine Tango is emerging as a beacon of innovation and collaboration that is reshaping the future of spine care. This global initiative is dedicated to improving patient care and safety through data collection and use.

Spine Tango is at the forefront, setting global standards for definitions, data collection, evaluation and reporting in spine care. This initiative transcends borders and fosters collaboration among medical professionals who share a common goal - improving the quality of spine care. 

At the heart of Spine Tango is empowerment. The initiative provides an easy-to-use, GDPR-compliant IT application, with two decades of experience, designed to empower clinicians, hospitals and implant manufacturers. This technology not only streamlines data collection, but also validates its quality and security.
Shape the future of spine care 

Be a driving force in shaping the future of spine treatment and patient care. Join the Spine Tango Registry and become an integral part of a community committed to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights.Good news for EUROSPINE members - the Spine Tango Registry is free of charge! This quality assurance tool and research platform is designed to empower society members in data collection, evaluation and reporting, and to promote a common language in this critical aspect of healthcare.

Mission, Goal and Vision

The mission of Spine Tango is to empower society members in data collection and analysis for quality assurance and research. The goal is to establish and advance a common language in data collection and analysis, with the ultimate vision of achieving better outcomes and patient safety through continuous and efficient data collection and analysis.

As we navigate the future of spine care, Spine Tango is a testament to the power of collaboration and data-driven insight. Join the movement, explore the possibilities and help advance spine care on a global scale.

Register for the Spine Tango Registry 

Your participation is shaping the future of healthcare.

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