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EUROSPINE launches innovative 2024 Research Course to advance spine care

06 Mar 2024

A Blend of Expert Guidance and Modern Learning Techniques

EUROSPINE, the leading platform for spine care professionals, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge Research Course for 2024, designed to enhance research skills in the field of spine care. The course, aimed at both novice and experienced researchers, promises a comprehensive blend of expert-led education, innovative e-learning, and hands-on experiences.

Starting in May 2024, the course will span several months, culminating in July. It uniquely combines self-paced e-learning modules, interactive online sessions, and an immersive in-person session in Strasbourg, France. This approach is tailored to accommodate the evolving needs of today’s learners, providing flexibility and reducing the need for extensive travel.

The course will be led by a panel of internationally renowned experts who will provide insights and guidance on developing relevant and feasible research projects with high potential for publication.

Key components of the course include practical workshops, networking opportunities, and a final evaluation session where participants will present their research protocols. The course is limited to 24 participants, ensuring an intimate and focused learning environment.

EUROSPINE's 2024 Research Course represents a significant step in supporting and developing spine care professionals’ research skills. It is especially designed for less experienced researchers and clinicians who have a research idea or an unfinished proposal. However, experienced researchers seeking to refresh their skills are also welcome, with priority given to those who are less experienced.

Registration for the course is now open, with fees set at €800 for EUROSPINE members and €1,000 for non-members. This opportunity is expected to draw significant interest from the spine care community, offering a unique chance to learn, network, and grow professionally.

For more information and to register for the course, interested parties are encouraged to visit EUROSPINE's official website.

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Education and Research Manager

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