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Cousin Surgery

International leader in implants for visceral and spinal surgery, Cousin Surgery is a french group, located near Lille, with expertise in implantable textiles: a very rare skill, inherited from a history entirely devoted to textiles and innovation that began in 1848.

Today, we envision new implantable medical devices and because collaborative intelligence promotes innovation, we work hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals, universities, research laboratories and suppliers.

For spinal surgery, our range is geared towards the motion preservation and includes:

  • BDyn, a spinal dynamic posterior stabilization device
  • IntraSPINE, a dynamic interlaminar device

We offer alternative surgical solutions. We provide implants that make surgeons' work easier and enhance patients' quality of life.


Contact us
Michaël Frechin, export sales director
+33 (0)6 14 27 28 15
Allée des Roses • 59117 Wervicq-Sud • France
Website :

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