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Biomatlante – Advanced Medical Solutions

Biomatlante is the bone regeneration expert of the Advanced Medical Solutions Group, a world-leading developer and manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced products for the surgical, wound closure and advanced wound care markets.

AMS offers a large portfolio of products designed to meet surgeons’ needs in various procedures:

  • Synthetic bone substitute materials demonstrating performances which are close to autograft, with no associated complications, no limits in quantity and are cost effective
  • Innovative solutions to close wounds and minimise adverse surgical outcomes
  • An extensive suture portfolio including both absorbable and non-absorbable sutures, with mono and multifilament threads
  • Regenerative collagens designed to aid tissue repair and regeneration for the effective healing of surgical wounds
  • Haemostats to support haemostasis in capillary, venous and minor diffuse arterial bleeding.

Visit to learn more about our comprehensive range for Bone Regeneration, Tissue Healing and Wound Closure.

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