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Welcome to EUROSPINE's eLearning approach

General remarks

  • Our approach prepares you for the face-to-face case discussions in Geneva (November 2019) but also gives you the opportunity to revise the courses you took. You can work through the lectures independent of time and location.
  • You can interrupt your eLearning activities at any time and continue at a later point.
  • The average playtime of a video lecture is around 20 minutes.
  • We recommend you to learn as much as you can before the face-to-face meeting to benefit from the case discussion in Geneva.
  • Deadline to complete the online modules for the Hybrid EduWeek in Geneva: 24 January 2020

Log in

To log in the eLearning platform, please follow these three steps:
1. Click the link Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
2. Click “Log in”
3. Type in the User ID and password that was given to you for the EUROSPINE eLearning platform.
If you have forgotten your password, please click at step 3 on “Forgot password?” and follow the instructions.


Structure: Each module is subdivided into thematic sessions, and each session contains several video lectures. After each lecture, an evaluation of the lecture is required. Every session closes with a knowledge check, where you have to answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in order to proceed. Therefore, we recommend going through the video sessions thoroughly.

Once logged in, the Dashboard will appear. It contains only the modules you are enrolled in. (Please ignore or close the remark “Check your computer’s clock or change your time zone.”)

Steps for eLearning:
1. Choose module: Click at the module in the dashboard you would like to learn.

2. Learning outcomes: In the next screen you see the “Session Outline”. Please read the “learning outcomes” first. To do that click “Start”. After you have read the learning outcomes, click on “Continue” in the upper right corner.

3. Video lecture: The first video lecture will appear. If you need subtitles, please activate them at the bottom of the video. You can always pause, stop or rewind the video. Once you have completely watched the video, click on “Continue” in the upper right corner.

4. Rating of lecture: please rate the lecture by clicking on “Take survey”. Once you are done, click “Submit” and then “Continue”.

5. After you did all the lectures and ratings of the sessions, proceed with the Knowledge Check Questions.

6. Once you have answered at least 70% of the questions correct, the next session will be unlocked.

7. After you have worked through all the sessions of a module, please complete the feedback survey which is a prerequisite to receive your CME certificate. The CME credits for the eLearning component are awarded automatically by email after you have completed the eLearning component. CME credits for the live event are awarded separately upon completion of the face to face component. Module completion is achieved only after the completion of both the eLearning and face to face component. Participation in the whole module, this is online and face to face component, is mandatory.

8. If you are enrolled for another module, please continue with it.

In case you interrupt your eLearning activities and proceed at a later point in time, simply go to the module, session and lecture where you want to continue.

In case of questions or if you need assistance, please send an e-mail to .

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