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Our association was founded on 24.01.1990 in İzmir under the presidency of Dr Emin Alıcı by Dr Adil Surat, Dr Ünsal Domaniç, Dr Şükrü Araç, Dr Haluk Aguş, Dr Hasan Can Köseoğlu, Dr Nuri Erel, Dr Mehmet Karatosun and Dr Fikret Öztop. It has developed rapidly over the years and continues its activities with 346 active members. The aim of the foundation was to increase the knowledge about spinal diseases in Turkey, to inform and educate physicians during and after the specialisation period, and to organise congresses, courses and meetings for these purposes. For this purpose, with the participation and support of physicians with proven knowledge and skills in their professions, the following activities have been carried out for 28 years.

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