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EUROSPINE: website tender

EUROSPINE, the Spine Society of Europe, is in the process of creating a new website. For this reason, the Society has launched a tendering process for the development of the new website system.

Web agencies and IT companies interested in submitting an offer within the time frame indicated below must fulfill following criteria:

– show proof of company registration / corporate ID
– must be in a good financial standing
– must have been operating for 3+ years
– must provide a list of 3 reputable institutional clients, who are willing to provide reference for a project of similar scope and size
– must have a sufficient number of own employees (incl. backup staff) to handle the mission
– all companies submitting an offer explicitly consent to the process and are subject to background checks

Please carefully read the Product Specification Catalogue before submitting an offer. All participating parties will be informed about the decision of the respective EUROSPINE Web Task Force.
*Further details about the state of the current website, future requirements and specifications can be found in the “full version” of the product specification catalogue. The full version will only be provided to companies which are interested in participating in the bidding process and can be requested from the contact person specified below.

The procurement process is listed in the points below.

Deadline for your offer
All qualifying offers must be electronically received by 6 September 2020.

Main point of contact
Your main point of contact for this project is:
Mr. Felix Degeler
Renngasse 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria

All requests and tender documents must be submitted to:
  • and simultaneously to
  • (backup server).

Development of the website
The successful contractor and all other parties who have submitted a tender will be informed of the committee's decision in October 2020.

When will the project start?
The project is expected to start in November 2020. Target implementation period: 8–10 months.

The invitation for bids process is administered by:
Renngasse 12
1010 Vienna
6 July 2020
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