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  • Spine Tango was transferred to the new documentation platform provided by Northgate Public Services on 1 May 2019. Throughout this year (2019), the platform will undergo further significant development to address the strategic needs of the registry. This will include an implant library (to be developed in close collaboration with industry).
  • The Belgian Spine Society decided to adopt the Spine Tango as the platform for their national spine registry. A pilot with 10 hospitals is expected towards the end of 2019.
  • Robert Conrad is the new Spine Tango project manager at EUROSPINE from February 2019 onwards.
  • The Spine Tango Task Force, acting as the registry steering committee, has new members and now includes:
  • Everard Munting Chair
    University degree(s):MD PhD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Cervical, Trauma:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Sacral, Deformity:Pediatric, Deformity:Adult, Infection Institute, Department:Clinique Saint Pierre / /
  • Emin Aghayev Member
    University degree(s):MSc MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar Institute, Department:Schulthess Klinik
  • Bart Depreitere Member
    University degree(s):MD PhD Institute, Department:University Hospitals Leuven / / Neurosurgery
  • Josef G. Grohs Member
    University degree(s):MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Tumour:Thoraco-lumbar, Trauma:Thoraco-lumbar, Deformity:Pediatric, Deformity:Adult Institute, Department:AKH / / Klin. Abt. Orthopädie
  • Siddique Irfan Member contact
  • Beat Leimbacher Member contact
  • Andrea Luca Member
    University degree(s):MD Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Deformity:Pediatric, Deformity:Adult Institute, Department:IRCCS _ GALEAZZI /
  • Samuel Morris Member
    University degree(s):MSc Specialisation:Degenerative:Cervical, Degenerative:Thoraco-lumbar, Degenerative:Sacral Institute, Department:Calderdale Royal Hospital / /

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