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Recent developments

EUROSPINE's EuSSAB - European Spine Societies Advisory Board

Frank Kandziora - President of EUROSPINE
Margareta Nordin - Past President of EUROSPINE
Tim Pigott - Vice President of EUROSPINE
Christoph Siepe - Co-Chair of EUROSPINE Stakeholder Council
Serdar Kahraman - Chair of EUROSPINE Membership Committee

Christoph Josten - EuSSAB Representative
Ioannis Magras - EuSSAB Vice Representative

Activities 2018

We would like to say thank you to 18 representatives from 16 countries who participated in EUROSPINE's EuSSAB Spring Meeting 2018!

Presentations and protocol will be available soon!

Activities 2017

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Latest News

11 May 2018

Enter #eurospine20th anniversary photo challenge

Send us a picture from your very first EUROSPINE experience and win a surprise gift! The prize-winning photographs are also...

8 May 2018

#TeamEUROSPINE did amazing @WFL World Run

That was quite something - what an amazing experience! #TeamEUROSPINE was able to run 395 km (+97% compared to 2017) ...

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