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Brand-new Brain & Spine Journal is officially launched

We are delighted to announce that Brain & Spine (BAS), the new peer-reviewed open access journal owned and operated in partnership with EANS is officially launched!

The new journal published by Elsevier allows more freedom and influence in publication policy and management. We are aiming to apply for acceptance for PubMedCentral and Clarivate indexing (Impact Factor) as soon as we have reached the required application criteria. We are convinced that BAS will quickly gain a loyal following. The two Co-Editors-in-Chief, Wilco Peul (EANS) and Frank Kandziora (EUROSPINE) together with a diverse and multidisciplinary editorial board will adhere to the highest standards of science and ethics and thus provide high-quality reviews for your articles.

Brain & Spine accepts high-quality papers from a wide variety of research areas, such as basic science at a molecular level, translational research, and clinical epidemiology through to population health at a societal level. More specifically, the journal publishes papers that emphasize the fast-growing biomedical fields of genomics, molecular sciences, biomechanical engineering, computer navigation and 3-D reconstruction techniques, experimental clinical research, as well as papers from the growing public health fields of clinical epidemiology, medical decision analysis, psychology, bioethics and prediction modelling at a population level.
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