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13th Annual Congress of the Hellenic Spine Society

  • Date:
    31 October-03 November 2019
  • Location:
    Ioannina, Greece
EUROSPINE session: Saturday, 2 November
Chair: S. Stavridis
Speakers: A. Kapinas, E. Samoladas, S. Papastefanou, S. Stavridis, J.C.LeHuec
Topic: Low back pain - Impact of hip and SI joint as possible pain generators
13th Annual Congress of the Hellenic Spine Society, 43rd Symposium & Joint Meeting with the Serbian Spine Society
Organised by the Hellenic Spine Society

The programme of this meeting is multi-thematic and emphasis is given on controversial issues in spinal surgery as well as on new aspects such as tissue engineering and spinal technology advances. This unique collaborative meeting between Balkan countries will give an exceptional opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences.
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