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Sponsored start for WFL 2018

Team EUROSPINE runs together for those who can & sponsors 10 runners within our team!
How to become one of them?

  • Register for Wings for Life World Run 2018 & join Team EUROSPINE*
  • Send your 'application' to until February 2018 incl.
  • Your personal goal for the run (km)
  • Your start location
  • Reason why you're running for Team EUROSPINE

Once you are sponsored, please:

  • Send/post a monthly training update
  • Join our Runtastic Group
  • Motivate min. 3 additional runners (preferably in your location)
  • Wear the EUROSPINE Running Shirt during training & the event
  • Document & share your Wings for Life World Run 2018 Experience

What will you get?

  • Start fee covered by EUROSPINE
  • Additional EUROSPINE Running Shirts for your group
  • A EUROSPINE promo package incl. some goodies for your Team

* How to register for WFL:
Run at an official location:

Instructions for the App-Run:

  • Download the App**
  • Register with your personal information
  • Pick your location
  • Choose to participate in a team & search for the EUROSPINE Team

**Download the App:
iPhone: Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
iOS: Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster
Follow the above links OR simply search for ‘Wings for Life World Run’ in your app store

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