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Obtain the Advanced Diploma

Who is eligible for the advanced diploma?

Experienced surgeons who have:
(1)obtained the EUROSPINE diploma via
- completion of the basic course -or-
- completion of equivalent diploma course
(2) completed both advanced course modules (EUROSPINE, EANS or Turkish Spine Society course modules)
(3) completed a 6-months fellowship, validated by the EUROSPINE. Application for fellowship validation by EUROSPINE is a mandatory step and must be completed online here: prior to applying for the Advanced Diploma.

What is needed to apply for the EUROSPINE advanced diploma?

(1)The applicant must show his/her EUROSPINE diploma.
(2)The applicant must prove he/she has completed both EUROSPINE (or EANS/Turkish Spine Society) advanced modules.
(3)The applicant must receive validation of his/her 6-months fellowship by EUROSPINE.
(4)The applicant must complete the online application.
- The applicant must pay a 100 Euros administrative fee to EUROSPINE.
- The payment must be received before the EUROSPINE advanced diploma or certificate can be issued.
- The applicant must provide the correct contact details.

What happens after the application has been completed?

  • The applicant receives a confirmation from our payment provider
  • The applicant receives an e-mail from EUROSPINE stating that upon receipt of the payment, the process of issuing the advanced diploma will be initiated.
  • EUROSPINE will initiate the process of issuing the advanced diploma – please be aware that this process may take up to 4 weeks.


Before you apply for the Advanced Diploma, please ensure you have received EUROSPINE formal validation of your fellowship.

The fellowship validation process is free of charge and must be completed online here: prior to applying for the Advanced Diploma.

A copy of the fellowship validation letter by EUROSPINE must be uploaded in the below application.

Also please make sure that you comply with all above requirements and attended both Advanced Courses before you apply for the Advanced Diploma!
  • Request the Advanced Diploma

  • I confirm that the above filled in names and title shall appear accordingly on the Advanced diploma.   
  • 100 Euros administrative fee

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