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(Please note, our recommended browsers for using the Spine Tango registry are Google Chrome and Firefox. Optimal performance may not be achieved when using Internet Explorer.)

Spine Tango is EUROSPINE’s international spine registry (established in 2002) for quality assurance and research on surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Permanent innovations in spinal surgery demand continuous documentation to assess the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of new techniques and technologies. The Spine Tango registry has recently undergone some tremendous improvements and is under further development to achieve a best-practice solution for participating hospitals, clinicians and other stakeholders whilst meeting all data protection regulations and information security standards.

Spine Tango, a web-based application, is hosted by Northgate Public Services Ltd. (NPS) in the UK. It is based on four key principles:

1) Easy data entry
2) High-quality data (validated and compliant to ensure the statistical validity of analyses)
3) Access to data and reporting functions (incl. physician, department, hospital and national benchmarks)
4) Data security

To date over 700 hospitals and departments from five continents have contributed data to the registry.
Having achieved international recognition, we would like to encourage other national societies, hospitals and individual clinicians to join the registry and help gather collective evidence.

Spine Tango offers the following benefits:
  • Standardised data forms for any type of spinal intervention and follow-up with a long history of ongoing development
  • Validated patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)
  • Data protection in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Quality assurance through reporting and benchmarking
  • Flexible reporting elements to meet the needs of specific groups e.g. national societies
  • Data aggregation to produce statistically robust analyses sooner
  • Independent usage by surgeons, hospitals, countries, etc.
  • Access to anonymised pooled data for benchmarking and research
  • Participation in an international research network
  • Proof of performance for surgeons, departments or spine societies
  • Prognostic modelling of treatment outcome for shared decision-making to establish realistic patient expectations and standardise spinal care across borders
For new clinic registrations and for further information, please contact Spine Tango support at EUROSPINE:

For technical problems, please contact Northgate Public Services at: +44 (0)1429 558210 (Monday - Friday 8 am – 6 pm UK time) or e-mail:


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