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Obtain the Advanced Diploma

Who is eligible for the Advanced Diploma?

Experienced surgeons who have:
(1)obtained the EUROSPINE Diploma via
- completion of the Basic Course -or-
- completion of equivalent diploma course
(2) completed both Advanced Course Modules (EUROSPINE or EANS course modules)
(3) completed a 6-months fellowship, validated by the EUROSPINE

What is needed to apply for the EUROSPINE Diploma?

(1)The applicant must show his/her EUROSPINE Diploma.
(2)The applicant must prove he/she has completed both EUROSPINE (or EANS) Advanced Modules.
(3)The applicant must receive validation of his/her 6-months fellowship by EUROSPINE.
(4)The applicant must complete the online application.
- The applicant must pay a 100 Euros administrative fee to EUROSPINE.
- The payment must be received before the EUROSPINE Advanced Diploma can be issued.
- The applicant must provide the correct contact details.

What happens after the application has been completed?

  • The applicant receives a confirmation from our payment provider
  • The applicant receives an e-mail from EUROSPINE stating that upon receipt of the payment, the process of issuing the Advanced Diploma will be initiated.
  • EUROSPINE will initiate the process of issuing the advanced diploma – please be aware that this process may take up to 4 weeks.
  • Request the Advanced Diploma

  • I confirm that the above filled in names and title shall appear accordingly on the Advanced diploma.   
  • 100 Euros administrative fee

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