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COVID-19 information

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Observership programme is currently on hold. Applications will be accepted for review again once the programme resumes.

Member to Member Grant for up to 14 Days - Observership

EUROSPINE members can avail of competitive grants towards Observerships of up to 14 days. This Observership is done with any EUROSPINE member to gain valuable experience. The Observership recipients will be granted a stipend of €1,500.

Observership Reports

A number of EUROSPINE members have had their chance to experience the valuable exchange and learning opportunities during an Observership with support of the society.
Read about their personal experiences here!


1.The Observership grant is open to full members and young members of EUROSPINE and to those that have submitted full/young and complete membership applications.
2.One application to one centre will be accepted per applicant per application cycle. Applicants providing multiple applications will be disqualified for that cycle.
3.The application must include the following information and documents:
a. the planned length of Observership, including start and end dates
b. the goal of the Observership and a description of how to attain that goal (educational methods and content, e.g. procedures that will be performed during the visit)
c. an up-to-date CV in English.
d. a letter of intent/motivation letter indicating the type of Observership, what the applicant intends to learn from the Observership and why the Observership is relevant for their training.
e. a letter from the applicant’s hospital head of department that if the Observership is accepted, the applicant will be given the permission to attend (paid or unpaid).
f. a letter from the Host specifying that they will welcome the Observership grant recipient, agree on the dates and duration of the Observership, agree on the set objectives and that they will ensure they are available during the whole duration of the Observership.
g. the applicant must have already published one abstract for one of the major European spine meetings or have a publication in a major Spine Journal. A copy of the abstract must be providedc
4.Once an Observership grant has been received, Observership grant recipients can only apply for a new application after three years.


1.Applicants must submit their applications by midnight on the day of the application deadline, as described in in the application cycle and timeline. Applications that are submitted after the application deadline will be reviewed during next application cycle.
2.Applications that are complete will be compiled and forwarded to the Observership Reviewers for their assessment. In case of an incomplete application, applicants will be given the opportunity to complete it for the next application cycle.
3.Qualified applicants will be selected based on application criteria versus number of grants available during the application cycle.
4.All applicants will be informed via email of the decision. 

5EUROSPINE will provide a certificate of attendance once all criteria are met, the feedback form documents are completed and a short report is received. The grant stipend will be given on the specified dates at each application cycle. 

Application Deadlines

There are 4 deadlines per year:
  • 1 January
  • 1 April
  • 1 June
  • 1 September

The review cycle is 3 months. For an application for the 1 January deadline, applicants can expect a response by 1 April and grant payment by 15 April. For an application an application for the 1 April deadline, applicants can expect a response by 1 June and payment of the grant by 15 June etc.

Applicants should therefore ensure that their Observership takes place after the grant decision and payment is expected.

Online Application

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  • I am EUROSPINE full member   
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    I have applied for EUROSPINE membership   
  • Apply for membership »

  • Observership Host

  • Indicate where/who you wish to visit for observership.
    For your reference you may consult the EUROSPINE member directory »
  • Observership Details

  • Provide us with details of your visit, including the goal of the Observership and a description of how you plan to attain that goal (educational methods and content, e.g. procedures that will be performed during the visit).

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