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Nomination procedure for officers and committee positions

How do you become a EUROSPINE officer

The elections are held annually and offer EUROSPINE members the opportunity to have their say about the future leaders of our Society. Candidates can apply by themselves or be proposed by another member. Certain conditions apply for positions within the Executive Committee. All candidates need to provide some information, such as a brief CV and possible disclosures amongst others.

Deadline for applications in 15 August 2022 .
The applications will then be evaluated by the Nomination Committee, which will forward its recommendation to the Executive Committee. A short list of candidates will be presented to the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting for final confirmation.

Members' votes are extremely important and we encourage all members to participate and cast their votes in the elections. All current calls for candidates or voting opportunities are displayed here below.

Nominations/ Election 2022

Executive CommitteeAchtung Link öffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster:
  • Treasurer
  • Research Council
  • Education Council


Election procedure for

Vice-President, President Elect, Councils:
  • The Nomination Committee will verify that “equity rules” are respected, e.g. not more than two officers per country simultaneously, not two consecutive presidents from the same country, etc.
  • The candidates fulfilling the criteria will be interviewed by the Nomination Committee and then presented at the ExCom meeting where a secret vote will be organised.
  • Vice President/President Elect: The two candidates with the highest number of votes per position will be presented to the GA for election. A brief CV (1 slide/candidate) will be shown by the chairman before the vote. No other “campaign” is to be initiated.
  • Candidates with a potential position within ExCom will be proposed by ExCom and shall be ratified by the General Assembly.

Committee and Task Force Members:
  • Applications/ nominations will be forwarded to the related committee chairs.
  • Committee chairs can forward potential candidate names to the ExCom until 17 June 2022
  • The committee proposals must be accompanied by a motivation letter explaining the qualities that make the candidates eligible.
  • Agreement of the candidate (if by nomination) to serve the society in that position
  • A country can only be represented once per committee.
  • The Nomination Committee will evaluate the suggested candidates and forward their recommendation to ExCom
  • For each position, the ExCom will present one candidate to the GA for ratification.

Conditions to apply

EUROSPINE Statutes, (art 27) ff

Only active, senior and honorary members may be candidates for the executive committee.

Candidates for President, Vice President, President Elect and Past President of the Executive Committee must be active members. He/ she must further be either (former) member of the Executive Committee, (former) chairperson of another committee or a honorary member.

Candidates for Secretary, Treasurer or Head of Council must have served the society in relevant positions incl. at least as a committee member for a minimum of two years.
Candidates for chairmanship of a committee must present their qualifications.

Conflict of interests must be mentioned together with the application documentation.

Send applications/ nominations to:

/Julie-Lyn Noel, Director of Research and Education, until 15 August 2022

Candidates can apply by themselves or be proposed by another member.

The following information will be needed:
  • Which position is she/he interested in
  • Background information, specialisation, CV (brief)
  • Disclosures, if none, please mention
  • Former positions within EUROSPINE committees or task forces
  • Applicants for the Programme Committee: list of recent publications and proven experience as reviewer

Agenda for Elections 2022

  • EUROSPINE newsletters: invitations for applications
  • 15 August 2022: deadline for applications/ nominations
  • 20 October: EUROSPINE ordinary General Assembly and ratification

Nomination Committee 2022

Everard Munting, Belgium, Past President (Institutional-Chair)
Christoph Siepe, Germany, Secretary, (Institutional-Member)
Máximo-Alberto Diez-Ulloa, Spain, Member
Martin Gehrchen, Denmark, Member
Matthias Pumberger, Germany, Member

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